BioSci D145 Winter 2020 - Reading list for presentations


Week 1 papers Dear and Cook, 1993, Jiang et al, 2011 (Angela)


Week 2 papers (1) Geisler et al., 1999 (2) Redon et al., 2006 (3) Venter et al., 2004,


Week 3 papers (4) Bentley et al., 2008 (5) Lindblad-Toh et al., 2011 (6) Sessions et al., 2016


Week 4 papers (7) Kapranov et al., 2007 (8) Morrison et al., 2017 (9) Owens et al., 2016


Week 5 papers (10) Cheng et al., 2019 (11) Chen et al., 2012 (12) Silvert et al., 2019


Week 6 papers Midterm, no presentations


Week 7 papers (13) Flyamer et al., 2017 (14) Buenrostro et al., 2012 (15) Argelaget et al., 2019


Week 8 papers (16) Gilbert et al., 2014 (17) Anzalone et al., 2019 (18) Luo et al., 2009


Week 9 papers (19) Ito et al., 2001 (20) Dejardin and Kingston, 2009 (21) Gavin et al., 2002


Week 10 papers (22) David et al., 2014 (23) Rampelli et al., 2015 (24) Tang et al., 2019

Specific references


Anzalone AV, Randolph PB, Davis JR, Sousa AA, Koblan LW, Levy JM, et al. (2019) Search-and-replace genome editing without double-strand breaks or donor DNA. Nature.576 (7785):149-57 PDF


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